48 to go

With only 48 Saturdays between today and graduation I have been thinking a million miles an hour!

Here’s a sample:

Why don’t my shins tan?

Is there ever a “perfect time” or “right moment”?

Why are ties so difficult?

Why haven’t I started my summer homework?

During an information session is there something cynical or realistic about asking what the most common complaint is at a college?

Why do Cheerios taste better in the summer?

How can people be so concerned about SAT scores?

Should I be more concerned?

Should the places on your back that you can’t reach to put sunscreen on honestly be allowed to burn?

When people say you should find a college that is the perfect match, how perfect is that match actually supposed to be? Is it possible?

Should I be eating two cartons of fresh strawberries in one day?

If a college rep confidently states that their most popular event was an all night dungeons and dragons tournament how do you keep a straight face?

Do I have enough gas to get home?

Should I play golf this fall?

Is this school year going to be the last time I see most of my peers?

Why does summer cause me to be impatient?

Is drinking this much water really healthy?

As you can see, be it Cheerios or SAT’s, my brain is working overtime! Music helps silence the questions, but I’m guessing time will help as well.

Cheers to summer!

What it does

Summer does a funny thing,
it creates distance
yet opportunity,
work but also play.

It causes sun kissed,
freckled arms,
pink noses
and sandy toes.

Along with freckles
and beach days,
comes time.

Time to reminisce,
To wish, to remember:
What could have been,
What never will be,
But also time,
Time to question
the future.

To question how
the story ended this way,
And if maybe there’s a way,
to write another ending.

Summer has a funny way,
of causing pink noses
and sandy toes,
But also reflection.


El fin

Today is the last day of school, and with 2 hours to go, I couldn’t be happier! This year has been one of the most educational years to date. Both educational in the sense of school work, but also in the sense that I have learned things about myself that I couldn’t have ever predicted.

At the beginning of junior year, I was expecting a year full of friends, work and planning for the future. Everyone was changing and going a million miles an hour in different directions. And sitting here on the last day, I can say I wouldn’t have predicted any of what has happened.

This year while friendships were tested, some surviving, some put on pause, the norms shifted. However, I personally feel that I have come out stronger, more confident, more open and happier than I was in the fall.

Here are the top three lessons I learned this year: